Shadow People

Posted: September 12, 2012 in Discussions
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When you think shadow people, do you think ghost? Or do you label shadow people as demonic? Or do you think they’re the result of overactive imaginations and hallucinations?

I am writing a short story about a woman who sees shadow people in her home, after the doors and windows have been locked, and sneaking about her property.

I have had experiences with shadow beings. Many times I’ve been walking down a hallway, only to see out of the corner of my eye, something short, entirely black, and featureless. They are usually about the height of a child, three to four feet tall, and are body-like in shape. When I turn to look at them right on, they disappear, like they weren’t there in the first place. Often they are moving, quickly, as though they are walking, yet they appear not to have legs or arms.

I’ve done little research on this topic, as I’ve found it hard to find anything on the internet that fits what I’m looking for.

Please post your opinion on them and any experiences you may have had. Do you think they are real apparations/beings, or just a hallucination, or trick of the eye?


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