Shadow People-Continued

Posted: September 14, 2012 in Discussions
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I am still researching for that story I mentioned previously. It has gotten me thinking about the whole “Shadow People” thing and the validity of these hundreds of thousands of sightings.

As I scrolled through the many posts about these apparitions on another blogging site, I noticed how different everyone’s experiences are. Some claim the Shadow People they see are quite tall, most reporting a six-foot or taller figure. This one is usually referred to as “Shadow Man”. Others report seeing black, rather faceless beings at their windows, peering in with red (sometimes glowing) eyes. Another kind of sighting I’d like to point out (the kind that my experiences fall into) is that of the short or small Shadow People. They are human like in shape(though this varies from story to story), and about the height of a five-year old child. One person reported seeing these little people do “things” like hauling wheelbarrows or embracing. This is different from most of the little Shadow People sightings, as most are just dark shapes that usually stay against walls and slink around corners. There is another group of sightings I’d like to mention as well, and that is the shapeless shadows. They often appear as a cloud of black smoke or a floating shadow, these are then sometimes reported to change in appearance and manifest themselves as actual people-like shapes, as with the “Shadow Man” and little Shadow People, others just hover in place or disappear when looked at directly.

There are more discrepancies with these sightings. Some claim that these apparitions have touched them, or hit them, or moved things in the house (such as slamming doors), while others reported being pulled around in bed, having the covers thrown off them, and others still report a cold feeling on their skin or in the air. More reports say that these beings didn’t touch them, but gave and impression of ill intention or foreboding of terrible events to come. There are people who also have claimed to feel no harmful or spiteful intentions. There’s also the difference of whether or not these Shadow People take notice of their viewers. One report claimed that the Shadow People they see always lurk in the shadows and dark corners, staring at them, while another said that the Shadow People they see don’t seem to notice people at all.

One similar factor among many of the sightings is that the Shadow People disappear when looked at directly. This factor makes these stories easier to dismiss as an optical illusion or hallucination. But, what about the others? I have come by many a story of Shadow People in which they seem only to stare back at their viewer.

The phenomenon in general could be dismissed as being a trick of the eye or mind, or actually being a life-like dream that is easily remembered. The problem with the dream theory is that these sightings go against what we know about most dreams. Is it not the case that usually upon waking, your dream slips away from you quickly and you are only able to draw up small pieces from your memory of the dream? Most of the accounts I’ve read are described with adequate clarity. Does that mean they are actual experiences rather than dreams?

In my opinion, these are all very different kinds of sightings. They all have a similar factor, yes, yet at the same time they are so diverse, I have a hard time grouping them together.

Many people seem to think they are spirits, demons, or beings from an alternate plane of reality. Whereas, skeptics claim it’s an optical illusion or hallucination as a result of stress, dehydration, drug use, or groginess.

A few of the websites I’ve visited searching for any bit of history to the story of Shadow People, mention that these beings are most visible to children, ages ten and older. Looking back, that is around the age I had most of my sightings, which brings up the question: Are these apparitions simply a mental result of raging hormones in children and overactive imaginations?

The problem with my sightings, is that I had them so often and in so many places, that I can’t remember exactly what happened, exactly what they looked like, or exactly how I felt upon seeing them. That coupled with the fact that they all happened years ago. I haven’t seen one since moving away from my parents (and no I don’t think it was that our house was haunted as my parents are divorced and we moved around a lot). Could it be that, just as with many other paranormal things, children are much more perceptive of these things as a result of a more open view of the world?

But then what would account for the many sightings by adults?

I will continue research for my story, and may possibly update this discussion with new information. In the mean time, tell me what you think.


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