Read “Not Another Dogman Story”

Posted: September 18, 2012 in Stories
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I know I added the story to my blog a couple days ago, but I wanted to point it out for those who haven’t noticed or had a chance to read it.

I’d like to say that it is not my best work, nor my favorite. If it was, it would be waiting on an editor’s desk at some big magazine. I am sorry, readers, that I have to post some of my lesser work here, I am afraid that if I do post my best work online, I will not be able to sell it. So as a result, you poor suckers are stuck with the leftovers. However I will work hard to write great stories just for your reading pleasure, that way you’ll be able to read steaming hot entre work, rather than something I threw together just to have some of my work to post.

“Not Another Dogman Story” is also on Facebook, however the version here is better, as Facebook has no spell check (damn you Facebook! you are nearly useless to the writer for posting work!), and this version has been read through a couple more times.

Please feel free to browse through it or take your time trying to get lost in the story, and please comment. Let me know what you think, so I can make my work better for you, the reader.

  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog! When I get the chance I will poke around yours and read your story. Cheers!

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