Publishing World Turning Electronic

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I know this has been happening for some time now, but it seems to me that more and more publishers are switching to paperless, meaning they are only taking sumbissions online.

I just got some work back from “The Kenyon Review” and they had switched over to online only (I’m guessing they did this between the time I sent my work and the time I got it back since their website had no mention of “online only” when I was researching). I wonder if with transitions like these, more author’s work is likely to be lost. I didn’t recieve all my manuscript back, it was 12 pages and they only returned 3. I don’t understand why, either, because I ALWAYS include a SASE.

I guess the point I’m getting at is that new requirements like these, make it harder for the writer who doesn’t have internet connection to publish their work. I send nearly all my manuscripts by “snail mail” as many call it these days. To me, it’s about the feel of the paper in your hands, and how the words flow on that page, sure you can read something just as easily online, but I’m old school. Paper all the way!

I do have an e-reader. Never use it though. It was a pain in the ass, the books were nearly as expensive as hard copies, and I could only chose from one company. In the end, the battery broke too. With paper books, you don’t need a battery, or even electricity to read, just a little fire light. So I’m sticking with paperback and hardcover books.

Let me know how you feel about hard copies vs ebooks.


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