“The Sick Man” A Story by Me

Posted: September 20, 2012 in Author Updates, Discussions, Stories

I figured I would open a discussion on the topic of a story I am writing. You see, I had this marvelous idea after being scared shitless the other night.

My husband and I were watching TV. He fell asleep on the couch, as usual. It was raining outside, and I had the windows open because I smoke in the house (I know, not a good idea). There was one point during the night, when I paused what I was watching, and got up to get a drink of water. When I returned to my seat, I could have sworn I heard someone outside, coughing like they had the worst lung infection ever. It scared me, but to understand this, you must understand that we live on a dirt road. Not much traffic comes our way, and just recently, our neighbors had moved out of their house. Theirs is the only building even close to ours where people may be hanging around our home. I got up and checked the neighbor’s driveway, and found there were no vehicles there. I then checked my driveway, just to be sure, and it was clear as well. That fear I felt, and the thought that someone who was sick was hanging around my house, coupled with the (quite frankly) crazy idea I had that our neighbors moved out because of a ghost, bore my idea for the short story I am working on that is, so far, titled “The Sick Man”.

It’s about a young couple who live out in the boonies. Their closest neighbor is a good five miles away. One night they sit down to dinner in front of the TV. After eating, the woman opens a window and lights a smoke (I had to stay true to my experience =]). Upon pausing what they were watching, the young woman hears coughing outside. The husband checks the driveway, and the wife checks out the front window. There is a man sitting in the middle of their lawn (and mind you this is late at night, it is cold, and it is raining), hunched over. They can see his whole body shake every time he coughs. The husband goes to investigate, to see if this poor man needs some help, and is in for quite the surprise. I will not tell you how it ends, and I cannot promise I will post it on here, as I like it too much and would love to sell it to a magazine. Sorry.

I would, however, like for you, my readers and fellow bloggers, to comment with any creepy experiences you’ve had, or meetings with apparitions, ghosts, or anything of the kind. I will post one of mine as well, in hopes it will get the ball rolling on one interesting discussion.

Thanks for reading. After this, I’ve got to get back to work on this story though. I’m so excited! =]

  1. I guess technically, I’ve already shared an experience of mine up top, however I’ll do as I said I would and share with you some of my frightening experiences.
    My parents are divorced. As a teen, when I stayed at my Dad’s house, my step sisters and I often stayed home to fart around on the computer while every body else went to our parents’ friends house to watch the adults drink beer (not seriously). Any way, the point is, my sisters and I were home alone. Mind you, my Dad’s house is a centennial farm, meaning it has been in the family for over a hundred years. This also means that people have died in that house, of that I’m certain. I always thought it was creepy any way. So there we were, my two step sisters and I, teenagers, clicking around on the computer, chatting away with friends, and checking out some sweet tunes. During a lul in the music, there was suddenly a loud banging upstairs. It was my sister’s drumset. We stopped what we were doing and just gawked at eachother, we all couldn’t believe it. There was no rhythm or beat, just something banging away. It couldn’t have been a cat climbing around on the drums, because it was LOUD, and the cat was downstairs with all three of us. None of us went upstairs that night. The room the drumset was in I shared with one of my stepsisters. We both slept on the couch. In the morning, I went to investigate, thinking something wasn’t sitting right and maybe the drumset toppled over (though the banging went on for a good three to five minutes). Everything was sitting upright, nothing was out of place. Not long afterwards, my sister had the drumset put away. I think after that experience, she was afraid of it. I know I was.
    That is just one of my many experiences in that house. There were nights I had night tremmors, and I was so afraid I couldn’t sleep. I’ve had countless nightmares about that house or taking place in that house. I’ve heard something moving around in my bedroom upstairs, through a vent that led from my room to the kitchen downstairs. I’ve seen things in that house I can’t explain. To this day, I believe there’s more there than just my family, and it scares me.

    Please, share your experiences. =]

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