Any Suggestions?

Posted: October 1, 2012 in Discussions, On Books

I was hoping some of my readers might have a story in mind for next week’s story discussion. This week I am using a story from Stephen King’s Skeleton Crew, titled Survivor Type. I believe I’ve mentioned the story here before, it is about a man who washes up on a deserted island with quite the supply of heroin and nothing to eat. It wouldn’t surprised me to learn you guys don’t want to keep reading about how amazingly Stephen King crafts his stories, so I would love for you all to leave a comment with an idea for a story to discuss. I’d prefer short stories since I have limited time, but I will consider books as well.

The discussion for Survivor Type will be posted Friday some time. Keep an eye out for it and keep reading and writing.

Oh, and on a personal note, I’m sorry I haven’t been on my blog much lately. I fear that if I don’t spend at least three hours a day on this website I will lose readers, yet I don’t have the time for it. Perhaps I will become more organized so that I can figure out how to balance blogging, writing, cleaning, cooking, running errands, looking for a job, spending an ample amount of time with my husband and my family, as well as finding a little time for myself. But for now, I guess this will just have to be enough.


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