Houston, We’re Back Online

Posted: October 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

It’s so nice to be reunited with my old friend here, Compaq. She’s just as dependable as ever, and boy have I missed her keyboard.

Here’s a few things I’ve done without her:

-Re-taught myself cursive (It was atrocious, looked just like the first time I learned back in second grade). I’d show you all a picture of how awful it looked, but my scanner isn’t hooked up yet (it’s a new addition to my office).

-Read more than I had in months, and it was soooo relaxing

-Gathered story ideas by watching movies, documentaries, reading stories, going to a haunted house (yes I screamed like a little kid)

-The haunted house I’d mentioned was not nearly as good as it had been years before. There was no theme, and that was my problem. Usually they’ll base the haunted house on a scary movie, story, or video game, like in the previous years: 13 Ghosts, Resident Evil, etc. It was fun, but I’m glad we got free tickets, because I’d say it’s not entirely worth the ten dollars to get in.

-Got a new mattress and finally got a good night’s sleep

-Cleaned my bedroom (sort of, I still can’t find room for all my clothes)

-Everytime I had a question that needed answering, or needed some info, I would rue the day I forgot my charger. The internet is extremely helpful, but also easy to lose yourself in. This I realized during my week break.

-Began a short story (which might end up quite long) about a family that moves into a house where something is living in the water pipes and the toilet. There’s a toddler at potty training age, and I figured by the end of the story this poor kid would be so messed up over what was happening that he’d never ever be able to use a toilet, but we’ll see.

-The fact that I had to write the above mentioned story entirely by hand (and in cursive!) made me that much more thankful for our good friend technology. My right hand is still sore, but at least my finger nails aren’t aching any more.

-Learned what the “Toynbee Tiles” are, and watched a documentary where the makers thought they found the guy making the tiles

-Tried a few new flavors of wine

-Hauled firewood into the garage before it can snow

-Re-upped on S.K. books. I went to pick a new one to read and found that there were only two I hadn’t gotten to yet, so I traded some old books and store credit for seven new (used, but new to me) books at “The Book Exchange”. If you can find one in your town, I’d recommend you check it out. The one near where I live, gives you half the cover price on books you turn in and makes you pay only  half the cover price on books you buy, there is a sales tax that has to be paid out-of-pocket, but not usually more than a couple bucks. However the man who runs is only takes soft cover books, I recommend you check out guidelines for bringing books in before you load up your car.

-Contemplated throwing a Halloween bash, but found it’ll be too much work

-Also contemplated what my costume would be if I found someplace to go, to party the weekend after Halloween

-Relished in the notion that I didn’t have to worry about last week’s book discussion, but then felt bad because I hadn’t done it the week before either

-Obsessed over when I would be able to burn a new cd, since the last one I’d made is really starting to get old

-Wondered how you all were doing, and if anyone missed me, and if I’d even have anything to say about all my time away. Sadly, I really don’t.

I really hope everyone’s been doing well. I missed you all. I’m going to see if I can catch up on what I’d missed, then I’ll think about writing a post of some importance.


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