Time To Get Back At It

Posted: November 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

As you all probably know, I’ve been slacking on my blog. It’s been a week since I posted anything, and God only knows how long since I posted anything of value or importance.

I’ve come to find that ideas for blog posts are hard to come by. I need something mentally very invigorating or with a massive spark to get me going on post. I wonder sometimes how you all manage to post so much, and still have more to say.

So today, I’m going a little off my beaten path.

I’d like to discuss the importance of motivation, something I am seriously lacking.

I love the feeling that real self-motivation can bring. It’s powerful and energizing, and when it comes, I feel like I’m on top of the world, like I could tackle anything. Yet how can I ignite that feeling within myself each and every day? I find that most days, I don’t have the energy. Other times, my brain just does not want to work with me. Still, there has to be a deeper problem than just my not “feeling like it”.

I’ve come to believe that inspiration and motivation can come from not only within, but from your surroundings as well. That’s why when I sit home by myself all day, I get nothing of importance done and really must push myself to work on my writing. I wonder if this is because I have no one here to encourage me, to push me. (Maybe I shouldn’t take those online classes I’ve been looking into)

Or could it also be that spending a majority of my time in the same place, the same environment, the same four walls, has thrust my mind into a stagnant state that is not conducive of literary genius? Perhaps I’m just spending too much time obsessing over not getting anything done, and that’s what’s stanching my imagination.

Either way, I’ve come up with a plan that some swear by for productivity. It’s that magical little thing called schedule. It seems more and more to me that I need structure, and without it, I’m basically useless. However, I must get back into what most would call “normal sleeping patterns” in order to have the time to do what I must.

You see, I’m a night owl. I stay up nearly all night, and sleep half the day away. Therefore, when I have one or two things to do, it takes almost literally all of my day, and I end up with little to no time for cleaning and writing. But if I stay up so late, why don’t I just do those things at night? Well, my husband generally falls asleep within four hours of getting home. We eat dinner on the couch and watch TV. That’s usually when he falls asleep. Then I have a hard time shutting the TV off, rather than doing what I need to. Rather than tip-toeing around the house to do what I should, I stay on the couch and watch TV hoping to gather inspiration from an idea or image or phrase or anything, really.

Finding myself in this anti-anything mode is not surprising. It generally takes a large shift in my life to get things back on track. I’ve finally found the balls to set that shift in motion myself.

With that in mind, I bid you farewell for the day. I’m off to devise a schedule that will help me to reach maximum productivity, which I will, with all luck, put into motion as of tomorrow, and hopefully pull myself from this pit of uselessness. I will create an hour or two block each weekday in order to make myself time to post something. Wish me luck.

  1. The Hook says:

    I hear you; my schedule leaves little time for writing, but I sqeeze in what I can. You’ll get there; balance is tricky.

    • Oh the balance is most definetly tricky. I’m still trying to commit deeply to it. I think the problem is that I’m a procrastinator, through and through. I have a hard time finishing my stories, let alone a side project. One day I’ll get there though…
      Thanks for the comment.

  2. There's a frog on my Sprocket! says:

    I do wish you luck. Schedules can be most useful.

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