I’d like to advise a bit on what writing supplies work for me, and why I chose some of the things I use.

First off, notebooks are extremely important. They’re used for so many things, like free writing, jotting down ideas, writing out scenes, writing first drafts, as well as personal writings on your views and opinions of the world around you.

I ALWAYS use composition style notebooks. Why?

I have this nasty habit of throwing things away that don’t suit my standards. Usually it’s not junk either, just ideas only half-formed before writing, or something that needs a little more character or setting development. I do it with my art too (being that I paint, sculpt, draw, and wood burn). If it’s not up to par, it goes.

The way composition notebooks are made suits me well, because when you rip out one page, another comes out with it. Knowing this, I no longer tear out pages with “bad” ideas or writing.

The reason I do this is to prevent myself from tossing something that could one day be re-worked and turned into a masterpiece. (Do you all know the importance of keeping everything when it comes to writing?)

Another very helpful supply I keep in my desk would be note cards. They’re invaluable for writing down notes on previous events (when writing a novel) as well as character notes and descriptions, and I also use them for jotting down research info. So long as you keep them close, they will be of great help.

I’ve gone through working on a novel or long short story and forgot important details from earlier in the story. Rather than scroll back through searching for the info I’ve forgotten, I’ll write down anything I think I may forget on note cards.

Be sure to carefully label them and keep them separated from one story to the next, otherwise you may end up a bit mixed up.

Highlighters are useful as well. I use them for highlighting things I read in articles that inspire me, for highlighting sections of my printed draft that need work. I also use them in the books on writing I’ve purchased to highlight great advice and tips, since they are only mine.

Ever have an idea that you want to think a little more on, but you don’t want to forget about it? Try using sticky notes. I like to write down my partial ideas on them and stick them around my office, to my notebooks, or just around the house. That way when I look at them, I’m reminded of the idea and can sometimes come up with the once elusive other half to them.

When re-writing edited work (I print the stories out and go back through them with a pen. I find it helps me to see the problems better when my writing is not on a screen.) I use a red ink pen. Sure, black or blue work just fine, but I’ve found that I’ll sometimes miss mistakes I’ve corrected with a black pen because it does not catch my eye as well as the red ink will.

Since organization is key (though not my strong suit), try keeping printed previous drafts, as well as ideas, in file folders. I keep mine in a filing cabinet, but even if you don’t, the tabs are still helpful for finding the right folder. I like keeping various copies and drafts of the same story in the same file, but you can separate between drafts or whatever.

And those are just a few. Try out different things. You may find a certain style of something works better for you.

Got any special tools that help you with your writing? Share them! I’m always looking for ways to improve my writing process, skills, and my office.

Thanks for reading. Take care of yourselves and have a great day.


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